Hazardous Activities

Archery (amateur), Badminton (amateur), Baseball (amateur), Basketball (amateur), Beach games, Camel riding, Canoeing (up to Grade 3 - river only), Clay pigeon shooting , Cricket (amateur), Cycling (other than specified), Dinghy sailing , Elephant riding, Fell walking, Fencing, Fishing, GAA Football (amateur), Golf (amateur), Hiking (under 2,000 metres altitude), Hockey (amateur), Horse riding (up to 7 days), Jet boating , Jet skiing, Jogging , Marathon running(amateur), Netball (amateur), Non-manual work (professional, clerical or, administrative duties only), Orienteering, Outwardbound pursuits, Paintballing, Parascending (over water), Pony trekking, Racquetball, Rambling, Roller skating, Roller blading, Rounders, Rowing, Running - sprint/long distance (amateur) , Safari (Ireland/UK organised), Sail boarding, Sailing within territorial waters , Scuba diving*up to 30 metres (see , conditions below), Skate boarding, Snorkelling, Squash (amateur), Surfing (amateur, under 14 days), Tennis (amateur), Track Events, Trekking (under 2,000 metres altitude) , Volleyball (amateur), War Games, Water Polo (amateur), Water Skiing (amateur), White Water rafting (Grade 1 to 3), Windsurfing (amateur), Yachting (crewing inside territorial waters, no racing)

NOTE: *Scuba diving - scuba diving to the following depths. Provided you are diving under the direction of an accredited dive marshal, instructor or guide. Alternatively, if qualified, within the guidelines of the relevant diving or training agency or organisation and not diving alone:
• PADI Open Water - 18 metres • PADI Advanced Open Water - 30 metres • BSAC Ocean Diver - 20 metres • BSAC Sports Diver - 30 metres • BSAC Dive Leader - 30 metres.
We must agree with any equivalent qualification. If you do not hold a qualification, we will only cover you to dive to a depth of 18 metres. You will not be covered under this Policy if you travel by air within 24 hrs after participating in scuba diving.

We also provide cover for a number of Higher risk activities not shown above at an additional premium - Please contact us on 0844 980 0271 for further information